6:44 PM

The hardest thing I've ever done!

It has been a hard hard week.

Lorelei caught a stomach virus, possibly the flu. The poor little girl now has diaper rash so bad that a simple diaper change is painful. She had an IV and due to that, they had to splint her arm. It broke our hearts...

Tues night, my excellent sleeper suddenly was up every 3-4 hours. At first it seemed like she was having a rough night. Little did I know, she was indeed having the roughest night of her life thus far. Wed morning, she started vomiting. It started off slow, other than the volume. Within 3 hours, she was vomiting everything she ate. My clinic's policy was to wait though because she had no fever.

I got an appointment anyhow because this was not right for her. I brought her in, and within a few hours of it all starting, she was already borderline dehydrated. The doctor gave her a pedialyte popsicle-so that she was forced to take it slow. No go, she threw it all back up.

They sent us to the ER, for an IV and some fluids. Before we knew it, they were admitting us because her electrolytes were out of wack. We thought we'd be there one night. She had a decent night, until about 5 am, at which point the diarrhea started. We were to stay another night. She stayed hooked up to the IV with fluids dripping in for nearly 48 hours. It was heart wrenching to see, even though I know so many have been through worse...

She is still ill and sleeping poorly but we are home. It has been the hardest two days of my life thus far.

I have a few adorable (but sad) photos on my phone of Daddy and her curled up in the crib together-yes you heard me right, he had to sleep IN the crib with her.

4:17 PM


I'm sorry it has been awhile since I have been able to take a moment to post.

Things are still going well with us, as ever. Lorelei is as adorable and beautiful and fun as ever. This week we gave up the bouncy seat and swing-cold turkey. She was just getting too big for them! We have moved onto the walker and exersaucer. She completely adores her exersaucer. We are enjoying trying to catch up on things around the house, haha! It is hard but we're getting there.

On another note, I'm very excited, all bridesmaids dresses are ordered, Tuxes are set up for ordering, my dress is almost paid off...things are really coming together.

Drew's work however will be closing soon. We will have a 60 day notice before he gets laid off, than BOOM. I hope that we can find something for him soon.

I am hoping to start a little bit of my own work. I found a site called Etsy.com it offers people the ability to list their handmade jewelry, etc and sell it online. I am going to try...I hope to be able to offer at least a small variety of things.

8:13 AM

Morning everyone!

So it is Thursday morning, and after the dog woke me with an emergency need to be let out moment at quarter after three this morning, I realized I should probably update today. I wanted to take a few moments on other topics than just Lorelei though.

First of all, Drew's work is planning to close it's doors. This means that somewhere between a month from now and November, he will be laid off. We are trying to find him a new job, but haven't even been able to find anything to apply to. I keep a happy face for him, but to be honest, part of me is scared that we'll be stuck here at Mom and Dad's for way longer than I can stand. Do not get me wrong, I love my parents and the opportunity they gave us in letting us move in, however I want my family in their own home. I want Lorelei to have her nursery...I want Drew and I to have our privacy...I dream of the ability to make family and household decisions between just Drew and I...the ability to stay in on a Friday night and be just the three of us.

As some of you know, I have been battling post partem depression. After a slew of different meds I am now on Lexapro, and it is seeming to work. I feel like at least a semblance of myself as long as I persistantly remember to take them. I forget them once in awhile but it is okay. I am also switching from the prenatal vitamins finally, now that my prescription has run out, I have a complete weight loss multivitamin, and a few additional vitamins.

Well, Lorelei is crying out and the rest of the house is sleeping so maybe I'll be able to update later.

8:44 PM

Everyone could use smiles from Babies!!

11:47 PM

Growing Up


I cannot say that enough it seems. I was just looking through the photos that we have been blessed with the opportunities to take and I can't believe that 5 months ago I was big as a house waiting to get this little girl out.

I look back and see the pictures of the apple orchard visit--she was only around a month old!

Than Christmas, only a month and a half ago...

But learning that an infant truly does develop with quite speed and no saving stuff for tomorrow, these days pass so slowly at times than looking back...she seems so big now, but she was so little.

I already feel all teary, what will I do when it is time for bigger stuff?

My angel is already growing up so fast.

10:36 AM

Better Late Than Never

Well, Monday was Lorelei's 4 month check up, as well as an appt for me.

Lorelei weighed in (naked) at 15 lbs 12 oz. She is now already 25.25 inches long! Doctor said she is doing beautiful and wonderful! I am so proud of my girl! She had her next round of vaccinations. Monday night she was fine, and Tuesday, her fever spiked all the way up to 104.1 the doc didn't want her in until 105 though due to the vaccinations. The poor girl had a rough day, she was so hot and her legs were so sore, but the little trooper is doing perfect now!

He also checked me out because my sciatic nerve has been acting up. I was diagnosed with sciatica and will be starting physical therapy for it within the next few weeks.

10:04 AM

If You search hard enough...

There is almost always hope somewhere.


6:26 PM

All Hail King Computer!!

Well, my poor Drew has had a very computer-rific weekend.

First, he cleaned up his parents' laptop, including his sisters' pictures and what not. He did hours of work to clear some space and hopefully help it run faster.

Upon coming home this evening, I decided I was 'done and frustrated' and that we would reformat my computer. This, of course has already taken a couple hours. However, my computer was constantly freezing various programs before and I could not deal with it.

What have I learned? I am less frustrated when I delete file by file than one big section. It makes me happier because I feel that I am constantly doing SOMETHING.

Andrew has informed me that some of the sadness occurring for the last year and a half or so has increased again. This brings heaviness to my heart, as I always hope that people can work things out. Yeah I know, I am a pathetic optimist, but I always have been and if my personal past cannot knock me down, than really, I am not sure that anything can. I have said this once, and I will always say it, I love my future in laws and am sad that they will be going through this. If I could, I would do anything that I could to help them, though they know that if nothing else, Andrew and I can be an ear for them.

On another note, my little girl gets her second round of shots tomorrow. I hate that she has to have this, if I could, I would absolutely take it from her. However, I know that it is good for the long run. Everyday, there is something new, and I absolutely love it! She is getting better and better with her hand-eye coordination, she plays with her toys on her own now.

She has also begun to sit better and better with support. I am in awe as to what this little girl has accomplished in such a short amount of time. I cannot even express the joy each little accomplishment brings me. This life that our creators has offered is so incredible and so gorgeous. I think of the years that I was certain that the horrors of my past had brought me to be barren, and that I was certain I would never have such a joy as to have a little girl and it brings tears to my eyes to think that we were graced with this opportunity. I try my hardest to focus on the positive and hope for the negative to become better and although I know that some people don't feel that that is a good thing, I find that its something that I don't care about.

Well, I will add a few photos here for you guys, and after that, it is time to clean up and consider...maybe an early night in bed?

By the way, Drew got a haircut this weekend...it's now about chin length, and it curls up so pretty...I doubt there is enough length to put it in pig tails like above.