9:59 AM

And the wheel keeps on turnin...

Things are going well around here. Miss Lorelei is definitely an active girl now. She pulls herself up like a little champion. She is testing here and there allowing herself to let go of whatever is holding her up. She'll stay up for a few seconds, and either fall or as she starts to waver, grab onto her furniture or whatever.

We are officially in the homestretch until we move. Everyone is very excited. It may not be a forever home but it'll definitely work until we can save up for something better. Personally, I think it's lovely.

I am working on creating a Recipe box for us. So, if you have an excellent recipe, that would be awesome.

Miss Lorelei's auntie Kailey graduated last Friday. It was fun. Lorelei got to play with Grandma and Grandpa and some of their friends. She got to meet some of Grandma and Grandpa's nearest and dearest friends, and I did some photography fun. It was quite fun.