6:25 PM

5:30 PM


Well, I tried to update a few weeks ago with photos but it would not let me. Than my computer hick-upped, and I lost the post!

We are doing well, fairly busy at all times. Lorelei is working on figuring out walking, can you believe it? When we started looking at this place to move into, she started crawling, and now, she is cruising along furniture and walking when you hold her hands! I just cannot believe how big she is getting.

Last Thursday, we sent out wedding invitations and are already recieving RSVPs back! It is so exciting for us! Life is really starting to come together for us and that is a fabulous feeling.

Friday morning, we packed up the car and we drove about 3 hours north of us to Drew's family's cabin. We spent the weekend there and really enjoyed our mini vacation. Lorelei had her first dose of fireworks. She was rather amused until about halfway through, when she promptly curled up into me and fell asleep. It was very cute. Sunday, we made homemade ice cream. Monday, after breakfast, we drove home. Lorelei slept most of the driving, and when she was awake, she played. She was very well behaved, considering the length of the trip.

I am going to make a second post, I hope, to try to show you guys the photos I have for you. I have photos of Lorelei's room! And Lorelei, and stuff.