8:14 PM

I'm really Sucking at this, aren't I?

Oh, Life has been so busy that it is difficult to remember to update something that doesn't bug me and remind me!

First, and most important, I am kind of obsessing over the fact that our little girl is just over a month from turning one! She is getting so big! As I'm sure you may have guessed, she is working on her walking skills. If she doesn't fully realize what she is doing she may even surprise you by standing on her own (usually with a toy in each hand). She cruises furniture like a champion already as well.
Drew and I went to goodwill last Thursday because each Thursday they run a special--Toddler Thursdays. Basically, if it is a child's item, than it is 1/2 off their marked price. We found her an older walk behind toy--for 1.50! She will cruise with this thing until she runs into something, than we turn her around and she'll go another round. She still prefers the one at Grandma and Grandpa's because it sings if she keeps walking.
Speaking of singing! She is so cute with one of her new things. She bops her head to music!

Next, we are under 20 days until I change my last name. Things are starting to come together, and everyone involved seems very excited. I suspect that this is the reason that I fight to fall asleep most nights these days. Eh, it will all be over soon, right? So, as we go on, things are getting checked off of the list fairly fast. My future mom-in-law and sister-in-law have been simply amazing with this. They are really helping create some memories for us to look back on to remember this whole process.

And the home front....we are doing lovely in our home. It has been a challenge to keep it clean, with a mobile little girl (who is often attached to my leg) but we work hard at it. Our cupboards are falling apart a little more each day, however I think I have a swell solution to the issue. For right around $50 I can put in shelving in place of the cabinets, than use what is usable of the cabinets to fix the lower cabinets to make them more efficient.
I have plenty to do before winter, as we have a couple of leaks in the house, and would like to see them ready for Spring. However, with everything going on, most of the home projects are on hold until after the wedding. Sad, but true.

We are much looking forward to seeing my grandparents again as they make their journey from Texas. I do not believe that there is a week that goes by that I don't miss them. I wish they could see their great grandchildren more. However, being in Texas makes them happy, so I do not begrudge them that.