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Free Carseat!!


We have to admit, that this would be freaking fabulous to win. It'd also be perfect timing. Please take a look and enter...

2:03 PM


So it has been a wonderful couple of days.

First of all, my little girl turns 4 months tomorrow, officially. I can't believe it's already been that long, however on the same thought pattern, it is hard to imagine life without her. I don't know if Drew and I would be where we are at or not. He often says that we'd still be living at Paul's, and he'd still be working at Bill's. So, in other words, she helped better us in at least a small way, right?

So, I know I don't really have to tell you, but everyday is an adventure around here. Lorelei is working hard on her milestones, and I do my best to help her. She is such a georgous and happy little girl.

I often feel that I am a fortunate woman. Between how wonderful of a little girl I got, my wonderful fiance, who we are working with to help him become an even better man, to my dream future in-laws. Really, you often hear stories of some of the worst mother-in-laws, or which ever in law, but really there is next to nothing I would change about them. I wish I could help them with their troubles as I see them as my own family. In fact, sometimes I forget that they aren't yet.

12:10 PM

Save the TATAS


Go to this website-they are doing a drawing for a free Save the Tatas shirt. These shirts are freaking awesome!

9:52 PM

Some Deeper thoughts

It has been quite the week around here. Lorelei is still on her strike against sleeping through the night. She has been waking around 2 am, than 5, than 7, 8, and 9 am. I am trying everything I can think of to return her to her previous state of sleeping all the way through. However, in the mean time, we are back to being tired as can be around here. It is difficult to plan or anything when you are in this state and it has led to some harsh words between some of us. However, it is alright, we always make it through.

I was bathing Lorelei just a bit ago, and some things occurred to me. Often, we hear on the news about awful things that have been done to infants and children. We don't hear only hear it on the news, though, there are many around that have endured various abuses. Many of you already knew, though not all, that I am a person that knows the pains of abuse first hand from the very man who assisted in the conception of me. This has led to many things in my mind even as early as finding out that we were pregnant.

I cannot wrap my mind around anyone who can hurt a child, especially an infant. I look at my daughter, and although I know that a 'normal' person wouldn't do such, I think of how many out there have various mental illnesses that prevent them thinking like a normal person would in such a situation. There are alcoholics and drug addicts who don't know what they are doing, they do horrible things in a blur. I knew a man who was accused of sexually abusing his stepdaughter. He could not properly defend himself because he was unsure whether he did it due to the drunken stupor he was in at the time in question. In a case such as that, or such as mental illenss, I feel bad for the person in a way that in the offender. In the case of Richard, my biological father, this is a man who will (as far as I am concerned) never know where I am, never know of my pending marriage, and most certainly never know of his granddaughters' existance for her own safety.

It is difficult to fathom how someone like an alcoholic or drug addict cannot understand that they are hurting people, however by the time that these things typically occur, it is often at that point the addiction that has taken over and it is very difficult to get through to them. By that time, they often become the victim in their own minds. It seems they either think that everyone is out to get them and accuse them or that they need to put on a face and convince everyone that all is well and try to hide what is going on. They never realize that usually everyone can see right through them. It is difficult to watch a family be torn apart by alcohol or a drug. Hard to watch an offspring stare at their parent with hurt and anger in their eyes, and even worse is when that parent cannot see this, or cannot seem to push to fix what is going on. Addiction is a tough battle. I see it as a similar battle to cancer, although at the same time, cancer, at least there are often outside things to assist in the battle for your life back. You often have the option of chemotherapy and radiation. Addiction, you have to look outside of yourself and surround yourself with the right things. There is no magic cure. But it is always worth it to get better and pull your family together.

10:01 PM

I am going to attach some pictures of some thoughts I have for my hair thus far for the wedding (now lets hope it gets long enough). I stole every image here from a google search, so I claim NO credit!

4:10 PM


Okay, here are my to-do lists for the wedding. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or anything of the like, I would love to hear them. I do not promise though that I'll use them...

For Rehearsal Dinner & Evening (Friday night):
Set a timeline for day/evening
Find wedding party & parent gifts
Decide on where or what to have brought in for dinner
Maybe a small outting?

Day of (Saturday):
Place to have my hair done. I am unsure if we can even afford this, so maybe if someone knows someone ;)
Searching for following things: dresses for my mom and Drew's mom, shoes for me, hair accessories (my latest thought for hair is to have an updo, with pins in it that have crystals on the end, and a bit of veil coming out from the bottom of my bun)
Dinner menu
Viewing options for montage
Writing ceremony
designing programs
start of scrapbook
cupcake display
extra tables/chairs

Day After (sunday):
breakfast menu for guests while we open presents
clean up crew

I know that there are other things, so I will update this as needed. Please let me know if there is something you can help with

6:45 PM


Well this weekend, we mostly relaxed. It was well deserved as we have run and run and run most of the time since moving in with my parents. Lorelei got to move on from bananas to peas. She rather seems to enjoy her peas thus far, which of course is wonderful. I haven't had her downright refuse any food, except of course if she wasn't hungry.

It has been decent around here. I have been researching wedding stuff, and some things are really starting to get down there to the wire. I need guest numbers, and I think I have my side covered. Soon, we'll also have to get the deposit out for the DJ, just waiting on my future father in law for that one because he was supposed to check about a friend of his.

I have been working on designing things. I have completed the design for the invitations! I have been working on the programs, and due to our pocketfolds for the invitations being discontinued, I will also need to design a wedding announcement for people like my great grandmother who I know will be unable to attend.

10:41 PM

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7:52 PM


5:08 PM

Used Clothing Update

It is wonderful to report to you all that the gov't has released a statement clarifying that used clothing will be okay to resell providing it has not been reported to have lead or pthalates in it.

Handmade items are still effected thought :( So keep fighting for that!

2:05 PM

So much in just a few days!

I am excited. I have so many new things to report to everyone.

First of all, Lorelei. About 2 weeks ago, we started switching Lorelei to Huggies brand diapers. They work so much better than any other diapers we have tried on her. She was leaking out of most of the generics about 50% of the time. Since we switched to Huggies Snug & Dry diapers, we haven't had a single leak! So when you see Huggies coupons, we could use them, because being a 'name brand' they are twice the price (OUCH!!). Lorelei has also begun the JOYS of teething. She is doing pretty well with it. Though she has some periods of extreme fussiness, as well as times where her gums hurt so much she doesn't want to eat. I found a homeopathic teething drop though, that seems to work WONDERS for her. It helps with the pain in the ways similar to baby orajel, however it does not have that scary numbing effect. As my own wisdom teeth are coming in, I run my toungue over the cutting teeth and wonder how that would feel from her perspective. It has to be a weird sensation to be able to FEEL your mouth changing and not be able to see nor trully understand it. However, at the moment, she has been happily watching "Umpa's" *grandpa's* fish in the tank.

We had a huge weekend. Saturday was Gabriel's first birthday party, can you believe it? The little guy is one, and walking! I am excited for when Lorelei reaches that stage, though nervous at the same time, imagine how much the world opens up to her than!!! And how much more mischevous things can she do to get us!

Mom is almost to her first round of radiation as we speak. I very much hope that her body takes this well and lets her through without many issues.

Yesterday was a huge day in wedding world. My future sister in law, Kailey, and future mother in law, Sandy, Lorelei and I went out to David's Bridal. We were expecting this to be one of many visits, especially at the first few dresses brought to us. However, the fourth dress they brought me was...jaw dropping gorgeous and in a (mostly) manageable price range. I am so happy to report that it is now on lay-a-way. I felt phenomenol in this dress, and it was perfect. I'm not going to show you guys it though because I want to see some "jaws drop" when I come down that aisle.

Up until yesterday, everything was surreal to me still regarding the wedding. Yesterday, a level of realism occurred to me even as I tried on the first dress. Than, putting my dress on layaway everything hit me.

I was fortunate enough to have 3 of the people I love dearest with me to try on gowns. I wish Mom would have been able to come, but it's okay because there's still so much to do! She promises that she is okay with it, especially with how much more she is helping with.

Kailey also tried on her dress, and looks gorgeous! Poor Andrew is having a difficult time with how much she is growing up. I gave him "fair warning" that his sister actually has a chest with this dress and how gorgeous she looks in it and was told to stop because his sister couldn't grow up. Imagine how he will react when SHE gets married!!!

I will have to upload photos when I can figure out why my computer isn't reading the camera's memory card!

3:05 PM


Life is really starting to move fast again. My little girl is almost 3 1/2 months already!

We have moved on with our solids. Last week, we started apples. This has been her favorite thus far! Oh boy, it is kind of cute. She will SCREAM when the apples are done. I have actually gotten big smiles from her when I tell her that we are going to have apples for dinner.

This week, Daddy chose the new food, and he chose Carrots. We started them last night and she doesn't seem to mind them, but they also thus far don't seem to be a favorite. It has been nice that we can now switch the different things and let her have different flavors.

We have also moved up to around 6 oz bottles. She has a wonderful appetite!

February 2nd, we will be going in for her four month shots. I can't believe it's already been that long since she was born!

6:38 PM

Seriously, People!

This is absolutely ridiculous. The government is attempting to 'safeguard' our children. Their latest thing will definitely safeguard our children, however it will make it harder for those of us parents who are not in perfect financial condition to care for our families. Senate has passed a law that as of February 10, 2009, we will be unable to sell or purchase used children's clothing or toys without spending a fortune to prove they do not have lead or other chemicals.

This will shut down many stores including the ever-popular Once Upon a Child. Places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army are already beginning to turn down donations of children's clothing. What if it still has the store tags? Doesn't matter. It won't have the pretty little labels that manufacturers will now have to use to prove an item has been tested and is clear of these chemicals. It will further damage our already suffering economy. Many men and women will lose their jobs, some of them it is their sole income.

On top of this, the things already in the world are going to just wind up in landfills. Way to go, gov't. Plastic doesn't break down very well, ya know!

This law further condemns an American heritage-handcrafted children's toys, clothes or anything else. Many mothers use sites such as etsy.com to sell their carefully crafted items so that they may be able to fulfill their dreams of staying home with their children. Furthermore, there are many of us who look for these unique items. What about the little elderly man who whittles a toy car out of wood and sells the toy for just a couple of bucks? Or furthermore, the new mother who is excited to find these toys because she grew up with them? Done. No more unless they spend more than they are possibly making to prove that they do not have lead in them.

This law flew through congress and senate so fast that people are now hearing about it a month before it begins, yet we have known for almost 2 years that around the same time, many of our telivisions will no longer recieve our favorite programs.

There is still time though. I urge you to pass this information along. But don't stop there, send a letter to your senator--afterall, you put him there. Also there are many petitions and ways to speak against this. Let's force our government to hear us!





Find your senator's information here:

Please please help us stop this. Children's items are expensive. I will be the first to say that I cannot afford to pay $20 for an outfit my daughter will only wear 2-3 times.

10:11 AM

Our own fault

Boy am I a bit sore! The Science Museum had an exhibit called "CSI: The Experience" and I really wanted to see that, because I love the show and forensics intrigue me. However, this weekend was the last weekend for the exhibit. So we packed up Lorelei and headed into St Paul. We got there at about one...the only opening to get into CSI wasn't until 9. We walked almost the whole wait, going through the museum. The only times we sat were if it was the best way to go through the display, or if Lorelei (or us) needed to be fed.

Of course, Lorelei barely napped. However, 7 came and she knocked out, she was out until we were trying to leave the museum and were in stop and go traffic, than fell back asleep. She was so out, she let Daddy move her from the carseat into her bed when we got home. So, since she missed her rice cereal, and didn't eat quite as much as normal yesterday, she woke at 3:30, 6, and now at 10. Drew took the 6 o'clock wake up for me.

However, the exhibit was fun. They did it so that you walked in with a little clipboard and a "crime sheet". You had an introduction movie than went to one out of three crime scenes, whichever corresponded with your paper. You draw your observations than move on to the labs to find out who's fingerprints there are, and things like that, and work to solve the crime. It was all very simple, however I understand that they have to target all groups, so it is hard.

We had fun we're just tired and sore.

9:20 PM

New Years

First off, Happy New Year, from all three of us!

Lorelei spent last night with Grandma and Auntie. Boy, it sure sounded like the three of them had fun. She showed off her giggling abilities a little and sure seemed to be a happy little girl when Mommy and Daddy finally got there.

Drew and I spent last night with 'the guys' for the first time since Lorelei was born, really. We have visited them, but we had a night of just doing whatever. We all had great fun, though Mommy really missed Lorelei. It was actually a little hard for me, however I know that it is healthy.

Drew and I also took advantage today of not having Lorelei with us, and ran down to the Northtown area and started our wedding registries. We have started Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I was very impressed, just for adding certain things to our registry, we get a few free items from their manufacturers!

After we got to Mom's and got our Lorelei cuddles and loving in, we started on our new years resolution. We both have a 'few extra pounds' we could stand to lose and would really love to see ourselves in shape. Rather than paying for a gym as well as babysitter, it works out wonderfully that Mom happens to have a little bit of exercising equipment. I am very proud of myself and my fiance for how hard we worked today, now lets just keep it up! Grandma really enjoys her time with Lorelei while we work out too, so it just falls into place perfectly!

I am very excited for what 2009 is to bring my family and myself. I am fortunate enough to be able to marry the love of my life. I will continue to watch a gorgeous little cherub grow towards a full fledged angel. I am looking forward to 2009 bringing my family better health and hopefully via the reflections towards 2008 will also offer all a greater appreciation of life, love and family. I have a very hopeful prospective on 2009 and am very excited for all of us to share in it together.