10:17 AM

Good Morning!

Better late than never right?

So my soon-to-be-mother-in-law showed us one day all these notebooks she's been writing in and saving since Andrew and his siblings were born. It's full of little things, essentially little journals. Through these, we know how Andrew was as an infant. Being the daughter of a mother who suffered severe post partem depression, I had kind of wished my mother had done that. So I have entered the modern version of those journals via blogging.

Lorelei Rose was born on September 28, 2008. She is now three months old! Time has already been flying. It is hard to remember that little bundle we brought home on October 1. She barely did anything other than sleep.

Now, she is already enjoying working towards grasping her toys and playing with them. She smiles at everyone she knows, and even lets out little giggles! In fact Dec 18, Daddy took some audio with his phone of some of her first real giggles.

Our little girl is growing so fast, it amazes me. She has been on rice cereal for almost 2 weeks, and just a couple of nights ago, she tried some squash. She has been munching on that every night and seems to rather enjoy it!

Well, as I figure out how to work this thing, I shall eventually be adding pictures and more. I hope that this will help those not able to be in our daily lives to feel a little more included in our little family.