10:36 AM

Better Late Than Never

Well, Monday was Lorelei's 4 month check up, as well as an appt for me.

Lorelei weighed in (naked) at 15 lbs 12 oz. She is now already 25.25 inches long! Doctor said she is doing beautiful and wonderful! I am so proud of my girl! She had her next round of vaccinations. Monday night she was fine, and Tuesday, her fever spiked all the way up to 104.1 the doc didn't want her in until 105 though due to the vaccinations. The poor girl had a rough day, she was so hot and her legs were so sore, but the little trooper is doing perfect now!

He also checked me out because my sciatic nerve has been acting up. I was diagnosed with sciatica and will be starting physical therapy for it within the next few weeks.


Austen's Mama said...

isnt it amazing how much they grow, so fast?! id be terrified if austen had a fever that high - he hasnt been sick since he was born, thank goodness.