8:13 AM

Morning everyone!

So it is Thursday morning, and after the dog woke me with an emergency need to be let out moment at quarter after three this morning, I realized I should probably update today. I wanted to take a few moments on other topics than just Lorelei though.

First of all, Drew's work is planning to close it's doors. This means that somewhere between a month from now and November, he will be laid off. We are trying to find him a new job, but haven't even been able to find anything to apply to. I keep a happy face for him, but to be honest, part of me is scared that we'll be stuck here at Mom and Dad's for way longer than I can stand. Do not get me wrong, I love my parents and the opportunity they gave us in letting us move in, however I want my family in their own home. I want Lorelei to have her nursery...I want Drew and I to have our privacy...I dream of the ability to make family and household decisions between just Drew and I...the ability to stay in on a Friday night and be just the three of us.

As some of you know, I have been battling post partem depression. After a slew of different meds I am now on Lexapro, and it is seeming to work. I feel like at least a semblance of myself as long as I persistantly remember to take them. I forget them once in awhile but it is okay. I am also switching from the prenatal vitamins finally, now that my prescription has run out, I have a complete weight loss multivitamin, and a few additional vitamins.

Well, Lorelei is crying out and the rest of the house is sleeping so maybe I'll be able to update later.