6:44 PM

The hardest thing I've ever done!

It has been a hard hard week.

Lorelei caught a stomach virus, possibly the flu. The poor little girl now has diaper rash so bad that a simple diaper change is painful. She had an IV and due to that, they had to splint her arm. It broke our hearts...

Tues night, my excellent sleeper suddenly was up every 3-4 hours. At first it seemed like she was having a rough night. Little did I know, she was indeed having the roughest night of her life thus far. Wed morning, she started vomiting. It started off slow, other than the volume. Within 3 hours, she was vomiting everything she ate. My clinic's policy was to wait though because she had no fever.

I got an appointment anyhow because this was not right for her. I brought her in, and within a few hours of it all starting, she was already borderline dehydrated. The doctor gave her a pedialyte popsicle-so that she was forced to take it slow. No go, she threw it all back up.

They sent us to the ER, for an IV and some fluids. Before we knew it, they were admitting us because her electrolytes were out of wack. We thought we'd be there one night. She had a decent night, until about 5 am, at which point the diarrhea started. We were to stay another night. She stayed hooked up to the IV with fluids dripping in for nearly 48 hours. It was heart wrenching to see, even though I know so many have been through worse...

She is still ill and sleeping poorly but we are home. It has been the hardest two days of my life thus far.

I have a few adorable (but sad) photos on my phone of Daddy and her curled up in the crib together-yes you heard me right, he had to sleep IN the crib with her.