5:42 PM

Good Evening

Things have gotten better around here. Mom is not feeling well, however she's the only one. Lorelei is doing wonderful. Can you believe she's already hitting 5.5 months old? I can't. It does not seem so long ago that I went to try to change Gabe's diaper on the floor and my water broke.

That day seemed to go slow, but moments since have sped by. We recently started moving Lorelei up to the "Stage 2" foods. She is trying everything that she is allowed and we finally have something she does not like!

This is Lorelei, begging Daddy to make Mommy stop giving her this "food" called Macaroni & Cheese. I can't say I blame her. The pureed version of mac and cheese is so incredibly bland and GROSS.

We spent Saturday with Kailey and Grandma Sandy. We all went down and picked up Kailey's bridesmaids dress, and my wedding dress! Grandma Sandy also happened to find her own dress! We ate lunch at Old Chicago, and had some good conversation, than proceeded to one of her favorite stores, Marshall's, where we found Lorelei's flower girl dress. It is so pretty!

We than went to Lorelei's great grandma's and showed our dresses, while Drew figured out that the new computer didn't have a dial up modem like Grandma needed.

Saturday night, we spent the night at Drew's parents' house. I love staying there usually. Drew's family is really wonderful and I feel like a part of the family. In fact, apparently his father feels so incredibly comfortable with me that he felt secure in getting himself to the point of fall down drunk, because I know it is my dream as a daughter in law and mother for my daughter and I to see Grandpa fall down! Please please realize I am being sarcastic with that last sentence.

I do not know why I keep my silence to Ken anymore. I wish he could understand how much he is hurting his family. I wish he had the strength to use that to sober up. I have been unable to get Sunday's images out of my head. It also breaks my heart to see Drew go through this, as well as Kailey. The only reason I don't ache for Nick is I don't know him as well. However I do feel bad for him. Please continue to keep Kailey and Sandy in your prayers that Ken's destruction may not only end finally, but that they may find a way to continue being strong enough to deal with what they have to right now.

Let's get back to other things though. I do not want to be a complete debby downer. Lorelei is now much more into showing off her rolling over skills. She's been able to do it for awhile, but finally is letting others see it. It is so adorable and she gets so excited about it. We will be having pictures done at the end of the month, and I hope to send some out for everyone.