7:19 AM

And now, a word from our sponsor

Hi, my name is Lorelei. My Mommy said that she would help me post. She is doing the typing because my fingers are still too wittle to work the board. I told my Mommy that I would like to tell you guys about my world.

I'm a little little girl you see. I owny six months owd. Mommy says I tall for my age. I wouldn't know. I only meet a couple uver babies. One I see lots is my cousin Gabe. He has already made it to one year owd. He walks up and steals my toys! I can't chase him and get it back though cause I too wittle to know how. Someday I'll get dat boy back doe! Gabe likes wewwo. It is his favowite cowor. I pwefer wed do.

I know anover baby. His name is Wobbie. He is a very nice boy. He's a month younger dan me, so really we just stare at each other still. Sometimes, I squeal at him. Mommy says I see him tomowow.

My Daddy wuvs me beary much. He bought me an ecersaucer. It is fun. I stand in it and I can turn awound to pway wif my toys and I can jump! I wike to pway in dis a wot.

Dis week, I stawted showing my Mommy and Daddy and Umpa and Amma that I can sit up. I am big girl. I wather enjoy my new flavors of foods too. Mommy has been giving me wittle biscuits that I can nibble on.

I weally wove my life. I play a lot. But I wearning SO much!

Okay, I bowed now. Byebye!