11:51 AM

What a Weekend!

It is officially spring. Not only does the calendar say so, but we were blessed with our first thunderstorm last night. One of the hits of thunder was so big and so loud that it vibrated the house. I am happy to report that Lorelei did not move or wake up. This is even better because this house has been struck by the flu again. What a wonderful way to welcome spring, eh?

We went camping this weekend at the place where we are having our wedding. It was wonderful to get away, and we also got some photos for those that are curious. I'll have to post them later, as some have people in them and I do not have their permission to post their faces on the internet so I just have to sit and blur them out out of simple respect.

I am still getting over my bout of the flu bug, so although I know that I had a lot to say, it has all escaped me. I'm sorry.