7:31 PM


Apparently my thoughts are controversial. People are upset. That will not change my views. I took a moment before starting to write to search for an article. This article was written while I was in high school so it is no wonder why it is no longer available online.

It is an article about a teenager who became addicted to various substances. It was a young lady who worked hard and became sober. She did everything to straighten her life up. She was 16 at the time. Do you know where that girl is today? Writing in this blog.

I didn't get where I am today by people hiding what I was doing. I did not get this way by people pretending that I wasn't doing anything. I was on a road to screw up my life and if it weren't for people embarrassing me following this, than I wouldn't be where I am today. It is not my job to expose people or drag them down. It is not my job to force people to face the mirror. However, it is also not my job to enable them to continue drinking or doing drugs or anything.

I want my daughter to have a healthy life. If she were to become an alcoholic, it would not necessarily be my fault as her mother, however I will work to show her that she can prevent that.

I love my family, be they chosen, the ones I was birthed into OR the ones that come with the man I have come to love. It is for that reason, and that reason alone that I care enough to not let the members of that family be enabled into drinking by simply joining the club of silence. It does not bother me that people are upset by my beliefs. I will not bury the things I believe in for the sake of our embarassment for associating with them.

I am not embarrassed to know an alcoholic, though. Alcoholism is a disease. Often it is like cancer. I would not hide to anyone that my mother battles breast cancer as we speak. Why would I, in turn, hide that my future father in law battles alcoholism?

If we look outside ourselves, we can find hope and help.

So, no, Grandma, I will not change my words. They are there. I did not ask for you to offer them to others. I do not mind others knowing my story, but I will not change it for anyone. And yes, his battle ties into my story as well.

Yes, Dad, people read what you have done. Use that embarrassment to fuel your change in yourself. Work hard and you can do it. There are people you don't even know praying for you (or doing their religion's equivilant.)

If Lorelei continues to sleep, I will try to soon give you an update into our lives.