10:14 PM


I have been debating something. I have considered making the blog by invitation only, meaning Andrew or I would have to email out the invitation to view it. This would mean that all readers would have to sign up for a blogger account.

I know that for some this is rather inconvenient, however this blog has personal things in it, and personal nature. I will let all know if I decide this, of course, and send out the invitations. Of course, if I don't have you're email, you can leave an anonymous comment to let me know what it is and who you are.

I enjoy being able to blog about personal things and let people in on our life. I am not good at talking, this is a disadvantage of course to having both depression and anxiety problems. I appreciate being able to share but due to the personal nature and the pictures of my daughter on the blog...I just feel this may be the best way. There are too many mentally ill people in this world that would/could prey on the photos contained in this blog and put my daughter in danger, and it has put important relationships at risk because things are searchable here.

At this point, please assume that I am going 'private' and make sure to make an account and become a follower of mine. If you need help, please leave a comment telling me how to email you and I will send a mass email to help you all.