6:38 AM

Too Fast!

The days pass so fast between blog posts! I swear it feels like I just posted yesterday, yet it's been nearly a week!

Well, as we all know, my little girl has hit the 6 month mark. It is difficult to believe that I have been a mother for half a year. I realize I have a whole lifetime to go with this, but the time has passed so insanely thus far. She is getting so big!

Her 'well visit' weighed her in at 17 lbs 15.5 oz, and about 26 inches long. She hit the 75th percentile across the board, meaning that right now, she is perfectly proportioned.

She is now sitting up almost as much as anything else. She also attempts to crawl. She'll get on all fours and sometimes rock back and forth and sometimes just sit there. She now drinks juice out of a sippy cup sometimes, though she is not highly into that yet. She holds her own bottle and all!

I remember that little girl though that we brought home from the hospital. She was so tiny! And it's amazing, she's only going to keep growing...