7:27 AM

Life is Wonderful

My apologies for not posting in awhile. Life has gone well for us since our last post. Lorelei had a fabulous first Easter. The basket the bunny dropped off through Mommy and Daddy had some fabulous toys in it, as well as "Puffs" and a bathing suit. The bunny also left one with Grandma, which contained a new bib, some tights and some treats-and the basket was decorated with a cute tutu which is wearable!

So off we went to St Cloud to see Nana, Auntie Nita, Uncle Timmy, Cousin Gabe and everyone else. We adored having fun with Gabe's toys, and seeing everyone. We had a wonderful time there, and barely made a peep all day other than squeals of delight. Nana also had gotten her a GIANT pink bunny who she loves to death!

Next, we made a surprise appearance at Grandma W's. We were hoping to see Uncle Nick, however he and Amanda had another event for the day so we missed him. Lorelei got another new toy and her favorite shoes in the next size up from Grandma. She got to play with Auntie Kailey a ton which she thought was great. Than, before we knew it, she was too tired so she went to sleep and we headed home.

Other than that, things are relatively normal around here. I am under the belief that Lorelei is teething. She is definitely more crabby easily, is drooling like crazy, chewing on everything...all the classic signs. However, she is easy to deal with still right now, aside from later in the evenings, so I realize that I am fortunate in that aspect.

Also, I almost forgot. Saturday, we went to Springbrook. They had a 'spring fling' with an egg hunt and walking. The picture to the Left is the egg hunt for Lorelei's age.