6:42 PM

Mixed Emotions

Things are going...well, they are going. Friday was relatively uneventful, as Andrew worked all day. Saturday morning, to put it lightly, my Dad and I had a fight. We used to have these fights before as well. I won't get into what was said, but let's just say it ended in tears on my side and Drew and I leaving earlier in the day than we planned on. We had planned on going to Mom & Dad's (his parents) and borrowing the minivan because we knew that Lorelei needed a new crib. Her old one was not exactly safe but it was getting us through. It took some searching but we found one we liked at IKEA, so we needed the van to go all the way to Mall of America.

Well, we talked Mom and Dad into coming with us. That made it even more fun. So the 5 of us went, we introduced Mom & Dad to the wonders that are IKEA, purchased Lorelei's new crib and wandered the Mall a little. Mom bought Lorelei a few ADORABLE outfits, one of which has a hilarious story behind it. We were in the Disney store, shopping clearance, and Drew went out to hang out with Dad outside of the store. Mom and I finished up and took Lorelei with us to Carter's. It's than that we discover that she has a dirty diaper. Not a huge issue, especially since MOA Carter's now has a changing table RIGHT IN THE STORE! Not only is it there, they hae free diapers there and wipes! How awesome is that?! So anyhow, Mom kindly goes to change Lorelei and discovered that she had blown out all over her clothes. So I was sent out to get a new outfit for her (we normally have one, but due to the fight that morning we had only a few things with us). We changed her, and paid and she resulted in the most adorable outfit!

So, we got to spend the day (Lorelei's half birthday, I might add!) with Mom and Dad which was awesome! Lorelei got her new crib, which is great as can be! And we had a wonderful day!

Sunday, we did L's 6 mo pictures at JC Penney. We had Mom and Kailey with us so we got some really wonderful pictures of them with Lorelei. We will be getting those back soon enough.

Monday, L started to get very very cranky and pulling her ears and all that so I brought her in, and she is now on amoxicillin for her first ear infection! But she's getting better.