7:52 AM


Motherhood. The word itself is almost bittersweet. Becoming a mother is one of the most joyous events of your life. It brings a new level of worry, but with that, new levels of love and joy. As the mother of a young child, you don't have the 'is she out with a boy that she shouldn't be?' instead, with the language barrier, you have 'am I feeding her enough?' 'is she getting enough rest?' 'why is she up at 3 am? did I do something wrong today?'

Than, before you know it, there is a culmination of something you've been working hard to teach. For at this age, a child is taking in everything you do and learning from it. Lorelei has been on all fours a lot since she turned 6 months. She'll rock back and forth. Than, before we knew it, she was scooting backwards. Now, with some assistance (we tap on the appropriate limb gently), she goes forwards a little bit.

And with learning the concept of alternating limbs this way, she will start to move her legs in a walking pattern at times as we go towards her toys when I hold her arms. Before, she would just stand there and stare at you.

She loves to take toys out of her box, and sometimes she even puts them back in!

My little girl is getting so big, so fast!