12:36 PM


Good Afternoon,

Andrew and I have been discussing the idea of the 'going private' with this blog. We agreed that it is a good idea. One of the concerns is safety, being as more information can be figured out than is believable these days on the internet just with a few pictures and names. Another concern is that sometimes things written about here are just not things for the world to know about. It is okay for family to discuss certain things but not the entire world.

I wanted to give people time though. So I'm saying that on April 30, 2009, this blog shall be going private.

So, the way that this website works is that if you would like to follow than just leave me a comment with your email address (or if you're more comfortable with it, email me) and I will send out an invite to follow the blog on April 30.

I am open to anyone following, I just need to know who has access to this information.

Thanks for understanding!