6:45 PM


Well this weekend, we mostly relaxed. It was well deserved as we have run and run and run most of the time since moving in with my parents. Lorelei got to move on from bananas to peas. She rather seems to enjoy her peas thus far, which of course is wonderful. I haven't had her downright refuse any food, except of course if she wasn't hungry.

It has been decent around here. I have been researching wedding stuff, and some things are really starting to get down there to the wire. I need guest numbers, and I think I have my side covered. Soon, we'll also have to get the deposit out for the DJ, just waiting on my future father in law for that one because he was supposed to check about a friend of his.

I have been working on designing things. I have completed the design for the invitations! I have been working on the programs, and due to our pocketfolds for the invitations being discontinued, I will also need to design a wedding announcement for people like my great grandmother who I know will be unable to attend.