9:20 PM

New Years

First off, Happy New Year, from all three of us!

Lorelei spent last night with Grandma and Auntie. Boy, it sure sounded like the three of them had fun. She showed off her giggling abilities a little and sure seemed to be a happy little girl when Mommy and Daddy finally got there.

Drew and I spent last night with 'the guys' for the first time since Lorelei was born, really. We have visited them, but we had a night of just doing whatever. We all had great fun, though Mommy really missed Lorelei. It was actually a little hard for me, however I know that it is healthy.

Drew and I also took advantage today of not having Lorelei with us, and ran down to the Northtown area and started our wedding registries. We have started Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I was very impressed, just for adding certain things to our registry, we get a few free items from their manufacturers!

After we got to Mom's and got our Lorelei cuddles and loving in, we started on our new years resolution. We both have a 'few extra pounds' we could stand to lose and would really love to see ourselves in shape. Rather than paying for a gym as well as babysitter, it works out wonderfully that Mom happens to have a little bit of exercising equipment. I am very proud of myself and my fiance for how hard we worked today, now lets just keep it up! Grandma really enjoys her time with Lorelei while we work out too, so it just falls into place perfectly!

I am very excited for what 2009 is to bring my family and myself. I am fortunate enough to be able to marry the love of my life. I will continue to watch a gorgeous little cherub grow towards a full fledged angel. I am looking forward to 2009 bringing my family better health and hopefully via the reflections towards 2008 will also offer all a greater appreciation of life, love and family. I have a very hopeful prospective on 2009 and am very excited for all of us to share in it together.