3:05 PM


Life is really starting to move fast again. My little girl is almost 3 1/2 months already!

We have moved on with our solids. Last week, we started apples. This has been her favorite thus far! Oh boy, it is kind of cute. She will SCREAM when the apples are done. I have actually gotten big smiles from her when I tell her that we are going to have apples for dinner.

This week, Daddy chose the new food, and he chose Carrots. We started them last night and she doesn't seem to mind them, but they also thus far don't seem to be a favorite. It has been nice that we can now switch the different things and let her have different flavors.

We have also moved up to around 6 oz bottles. She has a wonderful appetite!

February 2nd, we will be going in for her four month shots. I can't believe it's already been that long since she was born!