10:11 AM

Our own fault

Boy am I a bit sore! The Science Museum had an exhibit called "CSI: The Experience" and I really wanted to see that, because I love the show and forensics intrigue me. However, this weekend was the last weekend for the exhibit. So we packed up Lorelei and headed into St Paul. We got there at about one...the only opening to get into CSI wasn't until 9. We walked almost the whole wait, going through the museum. The only times we sat were if it was the best way to go through the display, or if Lorelei (or us) needed to be fed.

Of course, Lorelei barely napped. However, 7 came and she knocked out, she was out until we were trying to leave the museum and were in stop and go traffic, than fell back asleep. She was so out, she let Daddy move her from the carseat into her bed when we got home. So, since she missed her rice cereal, and didn't eat quite as much as normal yesterday, she woke at 3:30, 6, and now at 10. Drew took the 6 o'clock wake up for me.

However, the exhibit was fun. They did it so that you walked in with a little clipboard and a "crime sheet". You had an introduction movie than went to one out of three crime scenes, whichever corresponded with your paper. You draw your observations than move on to the labs to find out who's fingerprints there are, and things like that, and work to solve the crime. It was all very simple, however I understand that they have to target all groups, so it is hard.

We had fun we're just tired and sore.