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Seriously, People!

This is absolutely ridiculous. The government is attempting to 'safeguard' our children. Their latest thing will definitely safeguard our children, however it will make it harder for those of us parents who are not in perfect financial condition to care for our families. Senate has passed a law that as of February 10, 2009, we will be unable to sell or purchase used children's clothing or toys without spending a fortune to prove they do not have lead or other chemicals.

This will shut down many stores including the ever-popular Once Upon a Child. Places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army are already beginning to turn down donations of children's clothing. What if it still has the store tags? Doesn't matter. It won't have the pretty little labels that manufacturers will now have to use to prove an item has been tested and is clear of these chemicals. It will further damage our already suffering economy. Many men and women will lose their jobs, some of them it is their sole income.

On top of this, the things already in the world are going to just wind up in landfills. Way to go, gov't. Plastic doesn't break down very well, ya know!

This law further condemns an American heritage-handcrafted children's toys, clothes or anything else. Many mothers use sites such as etsy.com to sell their carefully crafted items so that they may be able to fulfill their dreams of staying home with their children. Furthermore, there are many of us who look for these unique items. What about the little elderly man who whittles a toy car out of wood and sells the toy for just a couple of bucks? Or furthermore, the new mother who is excited to find these toys because she grew up with them? Done. No more unless they spend more than they are possibly making to prove that they do not have lead in them.

This law flew through congress and senate so fast that people are now hearing about it a month before it begins, yet we have known for almost 2 years that around the same time, many of our telivisions will no longer recieve our favorite programs.

There is still time though. I urge you to pass this information along. But don't stop there, send a letter to your senator--afterall, you put him there. Also there are many petitions and ways to speak against this. Let's force our government to hear us!





Find your senator's information here:

Please please help us stop this. Children's items are expensive. I will be the first to say that I cannot afford to pay $20 for an outfit my daughter will only wear 2-3 times.