2:05 PM

So much in just a few days!

I am excited. I have so many new things to report to everyone.

First of all, Lorelei. About 2 weeks ago, we started switching Lorelei to Huggies brand diapers. They work so much better than any other diapers we have tried on her. She was leaking out of most of the generics about 50% of the time. Since we switched to Huggies Snug & Dry diapers, we haven't had a single leak! So when you see Huggies coupons, we could use them, because being a 'name brand' they are twice the price (OUCH!!). Lorelei has also begun the JOYS of teething. She is doing pretty well with it. Though she has some periods of extreme fussiness, as well as times where her gums hurt so much she doesn't want to eat. I found a homeopathic teething drop though, that seems to work WONDERS for her. It helps with the pain in the ways similar to baby orajel, however it does not have that scary numbing effect. As my own wisdom teeth are coming in, I run my toungue over the cutting teeth and wonder how that would feel from her perspective. It has to be a weird sensation to be able to FEEL your mouth changing and not be able to see nor trully understand it. However, at the moment, she has been happily watching "Umpa's" *grandpa's* fish in the tank.

We had a huge weekend. Saturday was Gabriel's first birthday party, can you believe it? The little guy is one, and walking! I am excited for when Lorelei reaches that stage, though nervous at the same time, imagine how much the world opens up to her than!!! And how much more mischevous things can she do to get us!

Mom is almost to her first round of radiation as we speak. I very much hope that her body takes this well and lets her through without many issues.

Yesterday was a huge day in wedding world. My future sister in law, Kailey, and future mother in law, Sandy, Lorelei and I went out to David's Bridal. We were expecting this to be one of many visits, especially at the first few dresses brought to us. However, the fourth dress they brought me was...jaw dropping gorgeous and in a (mostly) manageable price range. I am so happy to report that it is now on lay-a-way. I felt phenomenol in this dress, and it was perfect. I'm not going to show you guys it though because I want to see some "jaws drop" when I come down that aisle.

Up until yesterday, everything was surreal to me still regarding the wedding. Yesterday, a level of realism occurred to me even as I tried on the first dress. Than, putting my dress on layaway everything hit me.

I was fortunate enough to have 3 of the people I love dearest with me to try on gowns. I wish Mom would have been able to come, but it's okay because there's still so much to do! She promises that she is okay with it, especially with how much more she is helping with.

Kailey also tried on her dress, and looks gorgeous! Poor Andrew is having a difficult time with how much she is growing up. I gave him "fair warning" that his sister actually has a chest with this dress and how gorgeous she looks in it and was told to stop because his sister couldn't grow up. Imagine how he will react when SHE gets married!!!

I will have to upload photos when I can figure out why my computer isn't reading the camera's memory card!