4:10 PM


Okay, here are my to-do lists for the wedding. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or anything of the like, I would love to hear them. I do not promise though that I'll use them...

For Rehearsal Dinner & Evening (Friday night):
Set a timeline for day/evening
Find wedding party & parent gifts
Decide on where or what to have brought in for dinner
Maybe a small outting?

Day of (Saturday):
Place to have my hair done. I am unsure if we can even afford this, so maybe if someone knows someone ;)
Searching for following things: dresses for my mom and Drew's mom, shoes for me, hair accessories (my latest thought for hair is to have an updo, with pins in it that have crystals on the end, and a bit of veil coming out from the bottom of my bun)
Dinner menu
Viewing options for montage
Writing ceremony
designing programs
start of scrapbook
cupcake display
extra tables/chairs

Day After (sunday):
breakfast menu for guests while we open presents
clean up crew

I know that there are other things, so I will update this as needed. Please let me know if there is something you can help with